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Welcome to Freedom Spinal Health where we take a drug free approach to healing and getting you back to your best so you can experience a life full of health and wellbeing.

If you are having pain or symptoms of any kind, please do not ignore them. This is your brain’s way of telling you that something is wrong with your body. Painkillers, will only mask the symptoms, while the underlying problem can be getting worse.

Some problems are related to trauma such as slips, falls and accidents whilst others are lifestyle induced – related to posture, poor movement, lack of exercise, work conditions, stress and poor nutrition.

Meet the team

Meet our friendly and experienced clinical team


Having left Ireland in 1996 to study, he finally made it home again (with a few additions) in 2015, and opened Freedom Spinal Health in 2016. With a massive passion for health and chiropractic, Anthony wants everyone to have the Freedom to live life to the full.


Jennifer’s training and experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist allow her to deliver well-structured Pilates classes. Her clinical knowledge means classes can be adapted and adjusted for the individual, allowing each client to gain maximum benefit.


Terry has a wealth of experience in massage and treating soft tissue injuries. His range of skills and techniques mean he can adapt to your preference and needs, from a good old fashioned rub out, to a deeply relaxing treatment.


Esther has always had an innate curiosity with the function and dysfunction of the human body and how to promote optimal health and healing from disease.  Initially, she explored the medical route and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry.



A hands-on approach which primarily focuses on the relationship between the spine, nervous system and the brain and the effects this has on health and wellbeing.

Massage Therapy

Have those muscles strains and knots rubbed away, or simply come in, switch off and melt into the couch under soothing hands.

Prescription Orthotic

Used to address biomechanical issues and can help with heel pain, shin splints, fallen arches, Plantar Fasciitis, knee pain, back pain and much more.

Sports Chiropractic

A specialised approach to addressing the athlete, aiding not just injury recovery but also injury prevention. Blending skills and techniques in adjusting, neurology, taping, soft tissue work and rehab.


A type of exercise which combines posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and breathing. It combines well with chiropractic care as a means of treating a variety of injuries.1

What People Say

Seamus Coleman – Everton FC, Republic of Ireland
Before meeting Anthony I thought Chiropractors were only for people with bad backs. His approach addresses all parts of the body, and it wasn’t just for treating injuries. The aim was to help me get the most out of my body on the pitch. It was great to have a fellow Donegal man at the club and we had many chats about GAA. I’m really grateful for all the work over the years. Wishing Anthony and his family all the best back home.
Breda Cullen
Anthony and his team provide a first-class, professional service and I would highly recommend them. Anthony's knowledge and expertise in chiropractic and natural healthcare is second to none. His advice and guidance on how to live the healthy way, as well ensuring I continue to move well, has been invaluable.
No words can say “thank you” enough. Because of your skills in Chiropractic and the care I have received my quality of life has massively improved.. Never thought I’d be say this, but, I am now able to enjoy so much more freedom and choices in my lifestyle including yoga, walking, cycling, badminton, household tasks, partying! All these and more are now “doable” thanks to your care, understanding and patience! I suppose the only way to say thanks is to continue enjoying the lifestyle and developing it by continuing with the advice and treatment you have recommended and enjoying the lifestyle choices you have enabled me to have. The chats, banter, pain, tears and laughter have all been wonderful medicine. Thank you!
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