Sports Chiropractic

It's our goal to help every athlete achieve their maximum level of performance. Whether it's helping to prevent injuries or treating current ones, we focus on getting you back to what you love. Competition.

When you truly understand how the body functions neurologically and biomechanically, then you can assist the athlete in achieving incredible feats.

Anthony has a long history of working with athletes from many sports, varying from the weekend warrior to the premiership footballer and Olympic gold medallist. Depending on your ability and goals Anthony will tailor your care plan specifically for you- using spinal adjustments, stretches, neurological work, active release technique (ART), kinesio taping and rehab exercises.

Benefits include increased strength and flexibility, injury recovery and management as well as injury prevention and  achieving optimum performance.

What People Say

Seamus Coleman
Before meeting Anthony I thought Chiropractors were only for people with bad backs. His approach addresses all parts of the body, and it wasn’t just for treating injuries. The aim was to help me get the most out of my body on the pitch. It was great to have a fellow Donegal man at the club and we had many chats about GAA. I’m really grateful for all the work over the years. Wishing Anthony and his family all the best back home.
Everton FC, Republic of Ireland
Gareth Barry
Anthony has a unique method and great understanding of how the body works. It’s not something I’d experienced before at previous clubs, and weekly sessions became an important part of my routine and preparation. Best of luck and wishing you every success back in Ireland.
653 Premiership Appearances, 53 International caps for England
Daniel Donachie
Anthony was an invaluable member of our team. He is much more than a traditional chiropractor. His chiropractic skills are first rate and he weaves wider knowledge into his profession to enhance the treatment given to the patient. He was definitely a key factor in maintaining the health of our players.
Everton FC : Head of Medicine 2009-2014 | Aston Villa FC : Head of Medicine 2016-2018 | Everton FC : Head of Therapy Services 2018 - present
John Conlon
I have been receiving treatment for a running injury from Anthony and his team over the last two months and the results have been very impressive. I was experiencing discomfort in my hip when I ran any large amount of milage. Previous physios focused on my strengthening the muscles around my hip to rectify the problem, this worked to a certain extent but the problem persisted. However, when I had a consultation with Anthony and his team at Freedom Spinal Health, they were able to identify the root of the problem (it originated in my back) and we then set about rectifying the problem with great success to date.
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Here’s what Bradley Wiggins had to say about Anthony’s friend and colleague Matt Rabin

“I first started working with Matt at the end of 2008 following my success at the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics. After years of struggling with minor niggles that I had learned to live with, and having never really found the answer to my problems despite having sought numerous treatment options with no great success, I went to see Matt.

From my first session with him I had great results that were not short lived. That followed up with regular sessions I saw improvements that I had never seen before and that reflected in the way my body held up on a day to day basis which eventually saw me achieve 4th place in the 2009 Tour de France under his supervision.

Matt will undoubtedly remain an integral part of my medical support in the forthcoming seasons and lead up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.”

In 2010 Bradley moved to Team Sky and Anthony became his chiropractor, and an integral part of his medical support. He continued to work with Bradley on a Regular basis to keep him at his best,  until moving back to Ireland in 2015. During this time Bradley broke world records, was an Olympic gold medallist at London 2012 and won the Tour de France in 2012.

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