Sports Chiropractic

The Three main roles of the sports Chiropractor are:

1. MANAGING INJURY ?Finding the fastest possible routes to recovery and rehabilitation, getting to the source of the problem, and implementing a suitable care management plan.

2. PREVENTION OF INJURY? Many injuries occur due to repetitive stress, build up of minor trauma and overload which finally causes breakdown and injury. Effective assessment and management of sub-clinical biomechanical and neuromuscular problems can help prevent such injuries.

3. IMPROVED PERFORMANCE? Enhancing the efficiency of the neuromuscular, kinematic and biomechanical systems can improve many sub-clinical issues and reduce muscle inhibition leading to better performance.


About Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can affect just about any part of the spinal, neurological and skeletal systems. An all-inclusive chiropractic examination can pinpoint the location and nature of the injury sustained and your chiropractor can then recommend a course of corrective treatment.

Apart from injuries sustained during a specific trauma, the constant strain on the body during physically demanding sports can take its toll. Minor injuries, strains or niggles which if not treated in time, can lead to major injury and loss of training time and or missing events. This is one of the reasons many athletes regularly undergo preemptive chiropractic care.

The chiropractic approach to treating sports injuries, or even those sustained at home, comprises of a blend of hands on techniques and exercises. The treatment may include a chiropractic adjustment, or a series of adjustments, that are focused on improving flexibility and returning natural movement to the injured joints. Active Release Technique is often used for soft tissue lesions and home exercises are recommended in tandem with chiropractic, to enhance strength and flexibility in muscles, ligaments, tendons and other supportive tissues.

Freedom Spinal Health Experience

Over the last 15 years Anthony has completed a numerous post graduate studies worldwide, not only in Chiropractic techniques, and this allows him to use a variety of skill sets to return the athlete to full function in the shortest time possible. He has a wealth of experience in treating both amateur and professional athletes across a very broad spectrum.

Listed below are just some of the sports in which he has experience:

Athletics – fell runners, track athletes and road runners
Body Building – National and World level competitors
Boxing – World Champions
Cycling – Orica GREENedge, Team Sky, Olympic gold medallists
Football – Everton FC (2010-2015)
Rugby League – amateur and professional players
Wrestling – WWE

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