Terry comes onboard as our massage therapist.

Originally from Wicklow, but settled in the North west for a number years. He is highly regarded
as a leading sports massage therapist and has extensive experience of sports, sports injuries
and the challenges of being a competitive athlete.

Terry has participated in numerous sports over the years including soccer, boxing, martial arts, running and he also represented his native county at inter-county football.

Terry’s personal experience in sport and depth of knowledge aids him in daily practice. Terry
studied at NWIFHE and has obtained diplomas in level 3 sports massage, level 4 sports
massage and injury treatment, a diploma in anatomy and physiology as well as qualifications in
health care studies and nutrition. On top of this he has masterclass certificates in muscle energy
technique, as well as taping and strapping of injuries.

In the past he has worked with professional soccer players, rugby clubs, running athletes, Irish
dancers and body builders who have competed at both national and world level.

Terry’s treatments are by no means limited to sports people. He works with people of all age
groups and abilities and his skills can successfully identify and treat postural related issues. He
also uses his skills and experience to help people relax and de-stress from the demands of our
hectic lifestyles.

Terry takes pride in offering the best of care to every client and remember you don’t have to be a
professional athlete to be treated as one.